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Financials LLC

Helping your company's financials prosper



While you focus on growing your service based business, I focus on providing you accurate and timely monthly reports. Most people know how to earn money and spend money, but they don't know where the numbers go on paper. I take this load off your plate and guide you to financial prosperity.


As a professional accountant, I understand how to utilize accounting systems accurately. While financial software is meant to be helpful, every software needs to be understood so that it will perform accurately and efficiently. If you need assistance, I can assist you on a consultation basis.


Payroll can be a scary and time consuming task. I can set up, process, and record your payroll or set you up with a QuickBooks Payroll Expert. Best of all, it's direct deposit! Debit cards and checks are available as well.

Tax Preparation

Who cares for T-A-X-E-S? I'll tell you. I do! By keeping track of your service based small business bookkeeping, I make sure that your reports are tax ready for January tax obligations such as 1099's and W2's, yearly Estimated Tax Payments and annual reporting.

Services Offered


Head over to my QuickBooks ProAdvisor site for more reviews.

"Prosper Financials has been absolutely amazing to work with. Vanette is great at what she does, she’s honest, extremely helpful, and her expertise is great for the bookkeeping side of my business. The best ability is availability, anytime I have questions about the business I can always count on Vanette to respond as fast as she can. Working with Vanette really gives my small business and I the piece of mind that one is looking for."

KVP Logistics LLC

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