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Is there a contract?

Yes. All engagements will have an accompanying contact. Consulations are booked by appointment. No contract for consulations.

How is payment handled?

Monthly payments are scheduled to be deducted directly from your QBO account utilizing Melio payments on the 1st of the month. Cleanup projects require a 50% deposit to initiate project, and balance due upon completion. An additional fee will be added per week outside of the cleanup completion period for the efforts of the Accountant following up for completion. If monthly bookkeeping is added to a cleanup project, a cleanup fee and period will be determined, separate from the monthly bookkeeping start date and monthly fee so that current transactions can be completed simultaneously.

Do you meet in person?

I run a virtual practice. All meetings are handled via Zoom and communication is exchanged through the secure portal.

When should I expect my monthly reports?

Your monthly report is delivered by the 15th business day of the following month.

How do I communicate?

I utilize a secure client portal that is web based and has an app for Apple and Android users. Through this portal, we can exchange messages like a text message, upload documents, create client tasks, and maintain all files. You can always book an appointment with me on my calendar link and set up a Zoom call. Phone, email and text message are available when needed based on your package. Appointments are preferred so that I can prepare an answer prior to the call and respect each clients time and needs. I ask for 24-48 hours to respond, during normal business hours.

What are my client responsibilities?

In order for me to provide accurate information for you, I need you to adhere to the following:

  • Agree to monthly payment deduction via the contract

  • Provide third party user access to necessary accounts

  • Provide all supporting information and tasks through the client portal so that I can complete tasks and maintain organization, efficiency and security

  • Remove all personal transactions from business accounts

  • Review monthly reports with Accountant for accuracy and understanding

  • Make sure that your company is set up accurately with all states, counties, and cities as necessary

  • Make sure that your company has all licenses, permits, resale certificates, sales tax approval and business tax receipts as necessary

  • Report sales and receive payments per QBO workflow (if applicable)

  • Keep/upload receipts and documentation to backup your business transactions

Do you have to prepare my business tax return?

Are all services included in one fee?

Absolutely not. I have clients that have come to me with a tax accountant already and have maintained that separate arrangement between tax accountant and bookkeeper. I have also referred clients to my network for a better fit tax return preparation experience. Overall I care that your books and taxes are in order and it takes a village to do so. If I am the best fit, I will be happy to proceed with completing your return.

Pricing is based on the services selected per your engagement letter. I strive to provide accurate information and professional services. Due to the amount of continuing education, different software's and various phone calls to different agencies, I do charge separately for services not within the scope of your current engagement letter.

Can I cancel services?

Yes. What matters to me most is that you are staying on top of your company reports and that you are happy with the team providing the service to you. I will be sad to see you go, but if you wish, we require a 30 day written notice.

Can I be let go/denied as a client?

Yes. While I love working with my clients, in order to provide seamless services to clients across the board, I need to be able to perform my jobs and duties while remaining compliant and ethical. If a client is not providing information when needed, requesting that I do something that is not legal or ethical, or not following the client responsibilities, I will have no choice but to disengage/or deny working together.

I'm not military personnel, will you still help me?

My passion is to assist those who need help to understand this all. If you need assistance, reach out and we'll see if I have capacity to help you.

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